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David Galik, M.Ed, LPCC, 


Professional Clinical Counseling

      Many people feel disconnected and alone and more importantly feel disconnected from  one's own self.  They may experience anxiety, depression or the after-effects of childhood trauma. I provide professional counseling for individuals and couples. My approach to counseling is as a collaboration between therapist and client with a goal of assisting people to not only to re-discover their innate ability to heal themselves and become whole but to discover a new, in-depth sense of inner peace, calm and joy as well as greater ability to connect with their own inner wisdom.

      I have been in the behavioral health field in many different capacities for over 30 years. I respect and honor diversity and am willing and able to work to work with most presenting concerns: trauma, depression, anxiety, relationships, childhood sexual abuse, grief/loss, life direction and addictions.

     As a Gestalt-trained therapist I help the individual I am working with become more conscious of what they are doing, how they are doing it and how to make space for change. This collaborative, wholistic approach emphasizes present-moment awareness, a body-mind connection, self-acceptance, greater self-compassion and promotes awareness of the ways that unexamined thoughts and emotions, can impede growth.

Experienced in working with LGBTQ+ individuals


David Galik, LPCC, CCHt.,CCTP

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Professional Clinical Counseling​

Wholistic approach to treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions as well as other mental disorders.



“I found David during the darkest period of my life. He listened without judgment and gently guided me toward emotional and spiritual health. David sincerely cares about his clients and treats each with respect and kindness. He tailors his counseling around the needs of the individual rather than using a cookie-cutter approach with everyone. He literally bought me out of the darkness and gave me the tools I need to make sure I never go back there. David is a truly gifted counselor and human being.”

Kathy C.

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