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Treating the Whole Person

    • Body/Mind 
    • EMDR
    •  Spirituality
    • Life Purpose

My Practice 

For clients experiencing anxiety, depression or varying degrees of trauma, I employ not only a conventional cognitive-behavioral approach but stress the practice of mindfulness, the regular practice of focused inward attention on present-moment awareness as well as quieting the mind. 

Part of the focus and work then is to first become aware of our negative thoughts and underlying negative belief systems much like a current under the surface of the river, unseen but controlling the river. Beliefs are nothing but well-practiced thoughts usually since childhood and learning to slow down and focus within on a consistent basis individuals can gain greater awareness of what they are “feeding themselves The good news is through awareness and re-framing these negative core beliefs can be changed into a more loving, compassionate, forgiving self This change is not only transformative but develops confidence on your ability to tap in one’s own inner wisdom and healer building a foundation for continued unlimited growth.

I also work with alleviating trauma and trauma memories many times associated with these negative beliefs through the employment of various modalities including EFT(emotional freedom technique), Hypnotherapy and/or earlier life regression and EMDR (eye movement re-processing). Once the trauma is lifted we can begin the process of re-framing into a positive new belief and thoughts about oneself.

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